Qt is a really powerful cross-platform GUI application. There are lot of internal features that you can use to create awesome applications. You can also use thousands of open-source third party libraries to improve your application drastically.

In this project we will be using QCustomPlot to plot our data in…

This is a project which I made using MATLAB. As the title suggests it is a simple application which detects the gender of the person.

Prior Information Utilized:-

● Fundamental frequency of a typical male ranges somewhere from 85 Hz to 180 Hz.

● Fundamental frequency of a typical female ranges somewhere from…


An efficient and accurate access control system is very important for many security
applications. At present, for general identification techniques, there are two type of techniques non-biometric and biometric techniques. Non-biometric techniques use password access cards to identify a person, whereas biometric techniques use fingerprint, iris or face recognition methods for…


I am an Embedded Software Engineer. I am really intrested in the filed of Embedded System, IoT and Machine Learning.

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